Egypt by small group tour

Egypt by small group tour

23 Jan 2019 Tours, Travel Stories

In October 2018 I was offered a place on the trip of a lifetime to Egypt. Travelling with Peregrine Adventures, I was finally able to cure my curiosity about this ancient land and discover what this fascinating country has to offer aside from pyramids and desert plains.

We arrived into Cairo and as soon as we left the airport it was clear that this was a city that was bursting with people, history and culture - I couldn’t wait to explore! Every visitor to Egypt should spend some time exploring the ancient sites of the city.

Moving on from Cairo, it was the famous sites that most people will recognise from TV or the Internet that really took my breath away. It isn’t until you are standing in front of, or inside, the pyramids, ruins, temples and tombs that you can fully appreciate how difficult their construction must have been - the size alone is mind blowing. Then there is the history, traditions and amazing stories behind each one – fascinating and truly incredible, to say the least!

Egypt really is a country that needs to be seen and explored first-hand. From the colourful bazaars with the amazing smells and stalls selling almost anything you could think of, to the traditional feluccas that sail along the majestic Nile and allow you to sit back and admire the stunning landscape as you pass, there is something for every traveller. Don’t shy away from the traditional Egyptian food – it’s a must-try and packed full of flavour, delicious!


Since my trip, I’ve been asked (quite a few times) how safe I felt whilst in Egypt. If there is one thing I know about travel, it is that news media can often exaggerate stories and make countries sound a lot more unsafe than they are. Travelling as part of an escorted tour meant that I never felt unsafe. In fact, it was almost surprising how at-ease I felt. 

Throughout the tour, the Peregrine Adventures experience was outstanding. Our amazing guide was professional and knowledgeable, and ensured that we were fully immersed in the local culture and had the opportunity to learn so much and see the real Egypt. I’ve never experienced anything like it when travelling on other group tours!

If Egypt is a country that appears on your travel bucket list (and it should be), now is the time to explore what this awe-inspiring country has to offer. I can whole-heartedly tell you that each and every expectation you have about this destination will be absolutely exceeded, day after day.

If you would like more information about group travel to Egypt, or even to talk to Kiara about her Egyptian adventure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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